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Songs – Sanity or Sinfulness

This is a shortcut that entertainment industry is practicing these days to attract mass – immense hype. For movies it’s ok , we have certifications but what about songs ?

I am talking about the much hyped and played Deepika’s item number – Mit Jaye gum (Dum Maro Dum).

Play the song beats are awesome, catchy and shocking lyrics. Play it again to listen it carefully. Yes with the popular original melodious chanting “hare Krishna hare Rama” words are raunchy and if you by mistake happen to listen it with family or even your younger siblings they are humiliating.

We have moral police pressing siren for leading lady dressing in movies or few sensuous scenes or at times for complete movie, but why not for songs. If advertisements can be banned, then why not these cheap/crap/raunchy songs can be? Controversy was created on a word from Aaja Nachley ,2009. Now a full song is released full of vulgarity. What censor board is doing? Songs like Mit jaye gum should be passed with Adult Certificate only. They are not pleasing rather give pain to ears and guilt. Guilt because it reflects the mental state of society. Are we actually???

Seductive songs were made in past also. But please understand there is a difference in being seducing and cheap.  Seducing can be just like expressing any other emotions but no excuses for cheap. Long back in 1986 Madhuri’s item number create such sensation – Choli ki peeche from Khalnayak. Reasons were given, that it depicts the words from a dancer and would audience expects a bar dancer type woman singing soft songs in front of a terrorist.

Few more songs that should be passed with “Adult only certificate” are

Pyaar do pyaar lo (Thankyou)

Tinku jiya (Yamla Pagla Diwana)

Kaat ke rakh dunga (Love Sex aur Dhokha)

Dum laga (Dil Dosti etc)

Khada hain khada hain (Andaz 1993)

I am looking forward to hear your views about it. For me such songs are sinful not sanity.


Here goes a pic from my archives . Dated : December 23,2008



Japan’s quake on the magnitude 9.0 !!

Friday (March 11 , 2011) no doubt would be the most unfortunate day in the history of Japan. The land where people are used to earthquakes was taken aback with the strongest ever felt earthquake with magnitude of 9.0 keeping the rest of world in the state of shock.

13 feet tall and few kilometers wide Tsunamis leads to more devastation. It is horrifying smashed infrastructure, ships, cars and people poured into the streets (or it seems everything is one big open place).  Fire had broken down at one of the nuclear power plant.

This is quite strange , meteorologists and seismologist gave no warning signs , so I  was searching world wide web such indications and found the list of earthquakes in last 7 days , and found they were all around east Coast of Honshu , Japan.

It’s a natural calamity and a state of nuclear emergency for Japan.

Heart goes out for all those in Japan. Man today – the most powerful species, but yet not The Supreme Power.  HE has some other plans and is furious. All we can do is pray THEE to have mercy and be nicer.

100th International Women’s Day

On the eve of 100th International Women’s Day, I congratulate all Women for celebrating their feminism despite facing many cultural, social and religious restrictions. Bravo to our strength and endurance!!

Women’s Day is special, apart from special discounts, free movie tickets, privileged treatment given by family and co-workers. It is special because it gives confidence and global acceptance.

I strongly oppose discrimination based on gender. Modern women have emerged across all domains and are not typically categorized to ‘homemaker’ or ‘working lady’. She plays multiple roles and strikes a perfect seamless balance between home and work. She is a homemaker and a professional. She is strong willed, independent, confident, vivid, no – nonsense, definitely not an object, with a right blend of attitude & emotions, fiercely loyal to near and dear ones. She is a new breed 🙂

However it hurts, when society makes fun of the day and joke around. She has given everything to society, yet is a victim of eve teasing, domestic violence, sexual harassment, early marriage and female infanticide. Her free spirit is still considered as a taboo.

In my country they worship Maa Durga as a feminine force (Goddess of power) , Maa Saraswati as a Goddess of knowledge and Maa Laxmi as a Goddess of wealth and prosperity. But they also deprive their daughters from education or provide very limited, restrict them from following their career dreams, block their free spirit and most often not allowed to take their marriage decisions. Don’t be mistaken by the myth that this is limited to poor, uneducated section of a whopping 100 crore+ population, many well educated . Settled and equally respected people also fall in this category.

International Women’s Day is not a celebration for discrimination against men rather a wakeup call to change our thinking process. Respect her for what she is, though she is a fighter, but, her struggle will continue endlessly as long as she’s not treated with equal respect.IWD is a celebration and boost up for a rebel  fighting continuously , for not losing patience and faith in her own self.

I dream of a day when being a woman will not be a stigma, when one woman won’t criticize another for being a ‘woman’. A day when their will be no list of Do’s and Don’ts for woman. I wish for a day when man and woman will be considered just ‘humans’.


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