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Make yourself a better life it’s just a choice away

I choose to dress like the way I do. I said no to coffee because I wanted to. I waited and search
for long to buy the watch that I believe, defines me. I choose whether or not I should look after
my health. I decided to start my career after Engineering and put my post graduation studies a
hold. I made the choice.

Life is all about the choices we made. Every single thing in our life is a result of choice we have
made. Some may find this fact distasteful as they complain about their lives, hate their jobs, and
wish things were different without even realizing they were only responsible for that. Looking
for answers and digging their self if at any moment they realize this and decide to take action
they expect an overwhelming response from themselves. The efforts by mistake are lightly
considered showing impatience, as the benefits of this transformation and the transformation
(much needed) itself is ‘moment – to – moment’.

So to embark this transformation in the journey of our life, we start browsing for self
improvement and motivational articles or books, hoping for the enlightment to happen.

I have seen so many people around me practicing so , and I always wonder –  is this
transformation an easy, quick and painless job? Is this the skill which one needs to learn only
once in a life time? If yes , then why can’t I be one of them . Observing them closely , here is
what I see.

Spending few days on this exercise they realize life is not simple (back to dissatisfaction again ).
For them, they did their best, but for no gain, living the same ordinary, mundane, stressful life.
And they finally come to the conclusion that very few people are blessed with such moments
where self realization and enlightment happens as a flash of light. And then they keep on waiting
to come across a big enough catalyst to wake up!

Does this ‘big enough catalyst’ approach them? Do they finally wake up ? (Thinking for the
answer , it will always be no 🙂 . If any doubt , look for an honest answer from urself first).

Until the time they will wake up ,open their eyes and mind, they will never experience the kind
of insight (the force we all are looking for) that will change the life. For any ordinary man,
life is routine with the same challenges, worries, ups and downs. With this rigid belief in their
subconscious mind they would never become desperate enough to go beyond the fog they have
created by their obsession with worldly affairs (over the years accountable to half of their lives ,
sigh !!).

So when we (here including myself , as I am also a wannabe ) wish to change this routine
which we are used to, we have to have to take the action, the real action, every single day or
actually, every single moment. There may come a point of restlessness or mild dissatisfaction ,
but it happens , the transformation we are expecting is still away , keep moving on should be the
motto. Now , when , where and what action to take is sadly again our choice!!

The point that I’m trying to make (eventually learned) is that self empowering transformation
is a moment-to-moment thing. If we really want a new serene and improved life then must
learn that, it is derived from the small changes that we make moment to moment. This involves
commitment, vigilance and the perseverance to pick ourselves up and start over each and every
time that we fall.

Understanding one basic thing about life that it is always changing and transformative and can
be more and more amazing by the result of small changes , we bring to it. Small, simple may be
insignificant changes which we make can dismantle the texture of our mundane life.

Make yourself a better life it’s just a choice away 🙂

PS : Do it wisely.

Embracing the new

Sometimes people come into our life and we have a hitch that they were meant to be there, to serve some purpose, teach us a lesson, or to help figure out who we want to become. We never know who these people may be. May be a long-lost friend ‘friends’ via Facebook , or a stranger who seems to be always in a hurry each morning standing at the bus stop. But when we notice them, we know that very moment they will affect us in some profound way.

People we met and share success and downfall with, help to create who we are and we want to become.

Strange isn’t it?

When they love, they embrace us, when they hurt or betray, they teach us the importance of trust and hard meaning of being cautious. A moment of love, affection, and care make us calm,composed and confident. It fills our days with joy and happiness. A betrayal makes us cold,frustrated and shocked.

We humans are very sensitive yet we say we are strong and move on easily, knowing deep down that our emotions are fragile. Now, how we know that? We feel compelled to stay on a rigid pre – chosen path for our lives, even if we don’t want to. And why is it so? It revolves around our reclusiveness (which we generously say ‘self defense’), or simply we are afraid to experience something different from our routine.

Embracing the new in life is not about making unwise risks, but about taking chances for the quality of our lives. The new may not bring fame and fortune, but happiness we were longing for.

I read somewhere that people are like onions. Onions!!! Every now and then we have to peel off a layer to reveal a new facet of theirs’ , just to mention with every layer comes the tears , more importantly it adds a critical flavor to everything you do , if you do bad it will stink. Peeling an onion symbolizes new beginnings, afraid of tears but revealing a fresh new skin, ready to take onthe world!!

PS: Give every man thy ear but few thy voice. – Shakespeare.

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