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Who Knows Me Best

I could only wish (and perhaps wait !) for such a person 🙂

When I'm at My Best

Railroad watch

I feel , I give my best when I am under pressure by time . The war is always with time

What Makes Me Nervous

The feeling that at last moment , I will loose everything.

My love for music and Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias_0714

You can run you can hide , but you can’t escape for music..

During my Class 12 boards , I got this habit of studying all night with several cups of coffee and music !!. Music helped me in concentration and keeping me awake.

This was the time , I was all crazy about Enrique Iglesias.Today , 8 years later , I am now a working woman (thankfuly, not a crazy teenager) but I still love Enrique and true blue fan of him.

The album – Enrique and Escape are still my fav albums.

What could be the best – I started learning Spanish , but dropped the idea due to time crunch (ah! the stupidest excuse).

Summer vs Winter

“Cozy Winter Day”

I prefer winters over summers. There is a solution for cold weather , but summers burn you out 😦

No matter how worse , I still have courage to try

I try to sing !! I have full sympathy with my neighbors , who have never complaint.

I am all positive and have full faith in myself, one day I will be able to sing soothing to human ears 🙂

Bungee Jumping or Skydiving ?

Though, I have never tried anyone. But, I will love to do skydiving one day. Imagine the thrill of being thousands of feet above the ground and being on your own. That moment would definitely be the best moment of life.

What I would Like a Lifetime Supply of

almond oil 🙂

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