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Oh ! I am so stressed out !!

 Though I am a very positive person, but sometimes negativity tempts me more. And there are days when I am completely stressed out. The day today (okay, its already past midnight, so yesterday) was one of those days.

 They say , If you don’t have a good work-life balance, you can be successful but not happy. To achieve both, it’s necessary to focus on four life quadrants: work, family, friends and self. All four are equally important. If you focus on all these and maintain discipline, it’s more-or-less a done deal.

 Today, I failed on all of them :

 a) Work

 I won’t say it was a bad day, as it was actually worst or can say the trend continues as the whole week was something like this. Daily facing one issue or the other which is critically impacting my work.

 (See how I miss the goodies this week has offered me : appreciation from senior level , promotion, challenges , etc etc, oh !! I am so stressed out !)

b) Family

 My dad , if he is reading this will cool down for sure. He is calling me multiple times a day , just to fix few things and I am such a bad daughter ; not able to respond properly (how can I be such busy? )

(See how I miss my mom , who is doing all the rounds to market getting my sari ready and arranging gifts for my best friend’s wedding, oh !! I am so stressed out !)

c) Friends

Ah , she will kill me . My best friend from college days is getting married tomorrow (now its Saturday, remember its already past midnight). We four friends made a pack during our engineering days that whom-so-ever will marry first; the rest three will take a month long leave and will help in every kind of work. I was the first to apply leave (not month long, but 4 days for all the Indian wedding rituals) and get it approved. But what you will call , my bad luck , I am stuck with this pending work , which I just can’t ignore and go on vacations !! You know , why she will definitely kill me , because , I am canceling my programs at the 11th hour and haven’t informed her till now.

 (See how I miss the optimist side , though I am canceling the first 3 rituals but making efforts to attend her marriage even if that includes midnight traveling, oh !! I am so stressed out ! )

d) Self

 I pity myself.

Among all the mess that is happening Saakshi Nagpal is the one who is suffering the most . Her internet connection is giving problems , her pending task list is no where to finish, she has no time for shopping !! (girl failing to do shopping , oh man , she  needs sympathy). Apparently she doesn’t want to wear sneakers below a gorgeous sari :(.

 She is missing her best friends henna night (The most fun part of Indian marriage or can be better defined socially allowed all girls night out with crazy dancing on dhol beats). She has failed to plan and prioritize.

(So I miss the most important artifact of life ,love !! My family , friends and colleagues , all helping me out knowingly or unknowingly with one thing or the other, Because they love me . oh !! I am so stressed out ! )

I am actually stressed out and need some sound sleep , before I start looking like a zombie. After all some good days are just close by , when I will meeting my long-time-no-see friends.

 Dozing off.

 Good Night


Thank you Thanksgiving Day !

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I sat till late night to prepare a long list of people and things I am thankful for. I am amazed by the fact that the list is very much long than the list I once made titled “Things I am sorry for” (at last !! )

Here goes my list

  1. God , Parents , Sisters and  Friends

This doesn’t need explanation. They all define me. I am God-fearing person, His fear gives me strength.  Mine is a family of 5 members: Mom, Dad and 3 sisters. Being the eldest one, I am looked down with responsibilities. My dad loves me the most {Sis(es):  Aren’t you both jealous 😉 }

And I love my sisters. This Thanksgiving I want to Thank you for teaching me the meaning of  selfless love.

Friends, I am completely taken by Airtel promotional advertisement motto – ‘kyunki har k friend jaroori hota hai’ (because, every friend is important). In my good or bad days, during our fights and leg pulling sessions, I appreciate your efforts to handle my short temperedness and increasing my patience level.

Thank you for making me feel alive !!

2. Google

For its instant help , anytime anywhere

Had I been born in my grandparents or even my parents generation, I would be saying ‘Google ? What’s this ? A miracle? Just Type in your questions and in seconds you will get Goooooooogle answers.

Thank you Google , for providing instant help , anytime , anywhere required , that too unconditionally J .

Google must be having loads of credits for millions of professionals as a major reason behind them.

Thank you Google

3. Mobile Phone

I call my mobile phone (read, smart phone) as my soul mate.  Though I am not a chatter box , and doesn’t keep my phone line busy , but still Love ❤ my phone a lot.

Isn’t it great you can be :

a)      in touch with family , friends and business  through calls.

b)      Send and receive SMS for when we can’t actually talk.

c)       Take my reminder notes.

d)      Maintain a calendar.

e)      Use as a torch (safety !!)

f)       Play music

g)      Click pictures

h)      Find Places (Maps and Navigator)

i)        Handy calculator (I use it a lot)

j)        Check E-mails

k)      Available on IM

l)        Connected to facebook, twitter and other social media.

m)    Play games

n)      Have unlimited applications

o)      List goes on 🙂 🙂

Thank you Nokia/Samsung

4. Books

How can someone on this Earth hate books?  They are my companion. They let me think, listen the mind and soul of the author/character. The characters and incidents usually stay alive, days after I finish any book.

I am a weekly passenger (travel back home every weekend, 225 kms , one way ) a book , music and a big pack of wafers are must for me. So you will find a book always in my bag and some e-books on my office computer.

Thank you books you  keep me going.

5. Enrique Iglesias

I love Enrique Iglesias, since I was in Class 8. Thank you Enrique for making me study and pass my board exams. You always help me out from my mood swings. Your songs have that secret spark to ignite up my mood and bring a long smile on my face, during any course of a day.

Thanks for giving those natural, spanish, damn sexy, dulcit tones that makes me feel more in love.

Thanks  all of you  for spending some time and reading it.

Thank you  Thanksgiving Day for giving me an opportunity to thanks everyone for molding me the way I am and I want.

Happy Thanksgiving.

2011 Year End To-Do List

I am an optimist who always has a list ready for ‘what all needs to be done’ in short ‘To DO list’. Like everyone I too had made few  new year resolutions some 11 months back , when we were about to welcome 2011.

Honestly, I don’t even remember now, what resolutions I made, except few.

Listing my To- Do Items before 2011 ends in a no particular order.

  1. I want to learn driving. It would be tough task for me owing to Noida traffic ethics. But this is the time I should learn; I am saving money to buy a car for myself, from a long time now. The more I postpone my driving classes, more I will be far from my beast!! ( I will name my first car THE Beast ).
  2. Post one random piece of writing weekly on my blog. I have so many things to share , and I do scribble them , but somehow feel either they are too controversial or shocking for my friends , as it doesn’t come from the person they know (well , I don’t agree with them 🙂 ).
  3. Give a more professional look to my blog. Need to focus and spent some dedicated time for learning WordPress. My excuse ready – time crunch.
  4. Get rid of my stinking mood swings. Woman and Mood swings! Do I need to explain it? Even women get irritated, God save men.
  5. Practice/Learn Photoshop .  Halloween has gone , but my camera doesn’t think so , still portraying me one of them. Dearest photoshop , I need your help and magic of airbrushing.
  6. Get myself enrolled in MBA classes. Oh , I am still confused what to choose  – International Business or Entrepreneurship .
  7. Reduce 3 – 5 kgs and those extra inches of flab. Oh yes , yes I agree women and weight loss tamasha (women and weight loss drama) !! I am no exception 😉
  8. Control my typo errors . When Google and Microsoft Office suite have such a wonderful spell check tool , why don’t I use them ? Enough of embarrassment.
  9. Money Money . Need to touch the desired goal I made at the year starting, in my saving account , I am just short of 4 month savings . ahhh 😦
  10. Wish to finish 3 Toastmasters CC Projects. Already completed project 1 , wish to complete 2-3 more projects.

I don’t want to put any more down so as not to overwhelm myself, so I chose the most important ones that i would ‘like’ to get finished before 2011 ends. If not. Backup Plan :2012 is waiting.

This is me ….

As a member of Toastmaster club , to complete Competent Communication Certification I have to do 10 projects for Public Speaking.

Below is my first project – Icebreaker . (To introduce myself to the club).

Here it goes ….


I am rough enough to resist the life’s friction yet polished enough to make my name my way.

This is the way I define myself. Independent. Passionate. Dreamy. Bubbly. Thoughtful. The other side REBELLIOUS.

What started as a fun and a strong urge to start something new in life, slowly and steadily has become a passion now. A year back it was by an emotionally forced moment that I got involved in writing, trying to pack my affection and regards warmly on thank you note.

Gradually the idea to share my thoughts and viewpoints started surfacing. Not very confident of my new developed taste, I began as a novice micro blogger through social networking sites and SMS’es. As a matter of surprise, my friends like the style and motivate me to go further. Thus started my journey, on the route of, self discovery and inner soulful expression in the form of writing.

Good Afternoon …….

Let me take you back from my new passion and try to introducing myself. Hi I am Saakshi , and it spells  S-A-A-K-S-H-I

From last week I feel writing BRDs , Service Manuals ,Test Cases etc or writing errands are much easy rather that learning about oneself and explaining to others .

Well , I will try my level best.

Born in ‘Chandigarh’, bought up in ‘Karnal’ ,I have been successfully into a FOUR year-long committed and live–in relationship with Bachelors of Engineering at  ‘Kurukshetra University’. I won the legal separation and was awarded the Hons. Degree. Three and a half-year back I was transferred to ‘New Delhi’ to start my career. Have felt this wonderful city to be more close to my heart than my hometown.

Photography and trying new eating junctions was always the most enthused hobby, however exposure to wide variety of books, meeting people all over world , thanks to client base and membership to various Webmaster Forums are latest to join the hobby list.

You must be wondering why I emphasized on spellings of my name , especially when it’s so common. When I was born I was named Sakshi ; with single A. There is a small story behind it .

In CBSE affiliated schools we have to fill application form for Class X board examinations in Class IX, where we have to enter our details, such as name , father’s name , date of birth which will be printed on our passing certificate. I made an instant decision to add an additional A , making it S-A-A-K-S-H-I.

There were 3 major reasons behind it.

First , with an additional A , my attendance roll call was now ahead of 10 students.It was an achievement, I jumped from no 45 to no 33.

Second, it irritates me when people call me Sh-akshi . So now I can correct them its Sa-akshi.

Third, this was my first act to mark my own unique identity. Put my name on Google search page, you will find only my accounts till page no 5!!.

Life up till now has been a treat and full of serendipities. Being one of the brightest students and the head girl of my school , I have also faced embarrassing record of re-appearing in Semester I Mathematics exam 3 times and at last clearing it with precious ‘40’ passing marks in final year. I was placed during on campus recruitment for big shots like HCL and Steria just to wait for their cancellation mails due to 2008 recession. It was the era of depression and the ray of hope come from final year results. I topped my department at second position.

Being a typical Scorpion, I am always fascinated with anything that goes around and love to be independent. I am not a social butterfly (I just somehow manage my online presence) I  prefer to do things on my own , just to explore what’s next in life . And if one is living alone for last 8 years, then it all becomes a habit.

As it’s said, change is the only constant thing.

From an extrovert kid to an introvert teenager and now an enthusiast professional, life is all about executing the change and surviving for the fittest.

There is a stubborn side of me also, that refuses to change. Few things that haven’t changed from last15 yrs as far as I remember.

My addiction for Maggie.

My craziness for Enrique’s songs.

My miserable condition by the very thought of failure.

My fear of dogs and rodents.

and My weird habit of wearing wrist watch while sleeping.

To conclude myself ,you may call me , a young lady , who longs for peace , loves her independence , with a  habit of living life on a higher note , who is a true blue crazy fan of Enrique Iglesias.

As they believe your work is your identification. I am a Business Analyst by profession and our Toastmasters  clubs Vice President Public Relation Officer.


“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”


Note : Hey , don’t be taken by each and every detail , few incidents are fabricated for  some spicy treat. After all woman is all about mystery !!

We do Multitasking !


Image Courtesy : Think stock

I feel proud to carry out multitasking well and do it often on daily basis. It may seem to be a useful skill but believe me it’s dangerous at times.

Few weeks ago I had to cancel a critical business meeting due to non availability of the meeting room. I notified and apologized via email.

There was a major mistake – the subject line. It should be ‘cancelling our today’s meeting’ but it was ‘cencalling today’s meeting’. Though it was a typo error and later I defend myself that spell check doesn’t work on subject line.

The fact is, that it happened due to multitasking, executing many tasks at the same time surprisingly most of the receivers didn’t notice that, probably due to their multitasking.  🙂

I consider multitasking  a disease , an addiction that promises to get mostt of your time and leads fruitful results.

How  many of you practice more than it is required?

How many of you wish, not to do so?

And , How many of you  have faced it’s consequences? I am sure you have missed attachments in your mail or missed a stakeholder’s name by not marking him in  cc . Even giving a long pause while on client call , coz you were either chatting on IM or planning a tea break after the call .

I asked above questions in my last team meeting , I was happy , I was not the only one . Phew!!!

Doing several things at once is a trick we play on ourselves, thinking we’re getting more done. In reality we are reducing our productivity by 40% . We don’t actually multitask. We switch-task, rapidly shifting from one thing to another, interrupting ourselves not productively, and losing time in the process.

You might think you’re different, that you’ve done it so much you’ve become good at it. Practice makes a man perfect  and all that.

But you’d be wrong. In contrast to almost everything else in your life, the more you multitask, the worse you are at it. Practice, in this case, works against you.

I decided to  experiment, a shorter one. I had back to back meetings few days back, starting from noon till evening. Earlier I would have been under stress, recalling all the artifacts and managing lunch in b/w .But this time I just tried to focus. I put my ‘soul mate’ on silent mode,.

FYI , I call my mobile phone my soul mate 🙂 🙂 , coz it sticks with me every time. And by silent mode I mean – the light only mode. Surprisingly I got hold of so many things.

  1. Stress level dropped. When you reassure to finish one thing before going to next you feel liberated.
  2. You gain tremendous patience, for things that were useful and enjoyable. You listen to the presenter with no rush. When you are brainstorming about a difficult problem, you stick to it, so nothing else competes for your attention and you will be able to concentrate on the one thing you were doing.
  3. You loose all patience for things you feel were not a good use of your time. A meandering pointless conversation was excruciating. Texting through SMS seems rude between meetings.
  4. There is no downside. I had to attend all the meetings in 6 hrs and that includes my lunch time. I may have finished them doing multitasking, while attending a meeting and making a list to discuss in next, may be sending a note to my client. But then I wouldn’t have focused on the ongoing meeting. As I was experimenting  with myself , I analyzed that I completed everything in same time and enjoyed  supper though not lunch delightfully as there was nothing else to engage my mind and attention 🙂

 PS :

Sometimes, it is simply impossible to resist a little multitasking, but it must be done.

 But if you wanna improve time management in this multitasking world. Here are 10 important tips by Penelope Trunk.

Would love to know about your experiences ? Please drop a note.

Toastmasters Hidden Bonus

It all started with big dreams and very high hopes, both from the program and from me. My desire to be come out of my den of fears was going to be fulfilled. I joined Toastmasters program and on top took the responsibility of Public Relation officer for our corporate club. I thought this post could be the forceful driving force to achieve my aim.
During this Diwali break, I was wondering apart from scribbled goals of Toastmasters Club, what else can I earn from it?
This is what I found, the hidden bonus, could be my short term syllable .Of course, I plan to be engaged long term with this program and there is much more to learn further.
A. Polishing and Unpolishing
I joined it to polish my soft skills as a speaker. And I believe that the most compelling thing a speaker can do is to just be themselves. Often this involves an unpolishing of patterns, habits, and performance techniques. The idea is to be comfortable, relaxed and at ease just being you in front of a group.
Be awesome, stay Confident.
Be yourself, stay Unique!
B. Planning and Executing.
Toastmasters provide multiple opportunities to plan, organize, prepare and deliver talks with specific objectives. Guidelines are provided for each and every presentation. Learning is in this way. But it also gives the platform to execute our learning. Most important is to learn the immediacy to respond to what’s happening at the moment. I will learn silence as an audience, only to further learn “to listen”.
C. Flexibility and Balance
Attain flexibility and gain the ability to think on my feet through an exercise called Table Topics – where participants are chosen randomly to deliver an impromptu speech for 1-2 minutes on a given topic. The balance comes from learning to trust ‘ yourself’ and to be comfortable being ‘ yourself’ in front of an audience.
As I usually say “All roads lead to Rome with a new maze coming at every turn”, this time also, I have started the journey to further explore myself and make a unique space for me. I will keep continuing digging out some more artifacts and share with you all, but do let me know, how well they are received at your end !!

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