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Why ? few things I don’t understand !


These days, I am bit lost …so many things going around that I can’t understand why? Needless to say in a random order, I am just confused 😐

  1. Who gives water to my bamboo plant (beautifully placed on my desk) every day? Who ever do so, I appreciate your help but please have mercy on it and do not fill water till top!
  2. Why women are the biggest enemy of women? Can even other women claim to understand women? Do we have to be Sherlock Holmes!
  3. Why the hell they have said – Rs 86 as a new poverty line in India? Insane !
  4. Why do we have a bad hair day on the day when we look pretty? 
  5. Why twitter make trends like Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead ? Dear twitter , you don’t have to behave like insensible evil brained Indian politician. Please. 
  6. I just don’t understand Stock market / mutual funds / credit cards – for me it would be better to invest in Gold/ PPF / Fixed Deposits / Infrastructure Bonds . I prepare a budget sheet , use debit card , I know I am old school ..but  this is how I manage to keep myself safe and secured 🙂 
  7. Hype created for ‘ Race for President’. The first person of India !! Instead of choosing any popular guy , can govt. select a person who is not just a pre programmed low efficient machine to sign papers. With no offence , I just want to make a point that , please don’t delay  few highly urgent and important decisions for exceptionally long years eg  Kasab , for what  ‘type of’ mercy they are waiting to take decision.  Hang him.                                                                                                                                                                                          We need a leader who has a sensible rational logical analytical mindset and capable to act. 
  8. Gender biasing , India is an orthodox country where women are considered as inferior , no matter  if they are educated &  independent ,even if our President is a women , we face loads of unwritten and unsaid DON’Ts.  almost every other day.   Okay ,  we are born and bought up  in such envt , but still can’t understand why  ??? 
  9. Why do women have mood swings? 
  10. When will I be able get rid of these dark circles? 
  11. Fascination of play station/android games . No points for guessing  – I don’t play. 
  12. Why do people lie , when they know that I am very much aware of their lying ?
  13. Why do I cry , when I can’t hold my anger ? Good for the other party , I just can’t shout or show tantrums ,I  remain silent and isolate in my den and at times cry … Notes to self – Improve and let it go. 
  14. Why didn’t Enrique replied to my tweets on his birthday 😥 
  15. Why did I left that awesome bag just because it was way to expensive at Janpath , last year ?  Women , I swear !

Well guys , I believe I won’t get answers to these WHYs and on a honest note , I don’t care much (except few). I am not frustrated , its just the phase I am going through (probably  bad luck days). Never mind.

How are you doing ?



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16 thoughts on “Why ? few things I don’t understand !

  1. ilyksunnyday on said:

    Life on the edge, Im danglin my feet.~Lil Wayne obtained from Lil Wayne Quotes

  2. Anonymous on said:

    It feels nice to read your blogs, though leaving a comment the very first time 🙂

    It works as a stress buster at times 🙂

    All the best for new ventures!!! Keep up the good work 🙂


    • Hie ,

      Thanks a million 🙂 . You won’t understand how glad i am to have this comment at this particular moment (major power breakdown from last 3 hrs n me walking on terrace … At midnight hour)…… Really stress free.

      It always feel great when someone like your work .. Thanks again for bringing this big smile on my face.

      Have a super duper fab time O:-) 😀


  3. vijay on said:

    why write such blog i realy dont understand

    • Hi Vijay ,

      Can understand your irritation but at times to write some ‘crap’ help me let go my temporary frustrations and give me a bit of sigh-ful satisfaction.

      I believe its better than cribbing n doing anything destructive.

      I really value ur precious time n m so sorry for not reaching ur expectations. Hope you may like my other blog posts.

      Thank you for leaving ur feedback … I really appreciate that.

      Have a great time.

      • vijay on said:


        i always appricate your write. now you have to decide what to say,where to say, when to say. every plateform cannot be generlised

      • Hi Vijay,

        I agree every platform cannot be generalised. And by going public through a powerful media , one has to take responsibility of each and every action one is taking.


      • vijay on said:


        This acceptance make us more humble and a better humane .who can well manage his rage in the right path

  4. Prityush on said:

    I liked the one about women having mood swings ;-). Even I ‘wonder’ why !

    • Hie Prityush ,

      Thank you for finally paying here a visit. Yeah its an irony being a woman mood swings is something i don’t understand though been through it so many times.

      God bless us ‘the women’

      Hope you liked my other blogs too 🙂


  5. My 2 cents on your interesting question – “Why do people lie , when they know that I am very much aware of their lying ?”

    Since the time Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, lying has become an important social courtesy! We hate our relative/in-law/neighbour/boss/client but still tell them that we love having them around. We can’t make head or tail of a modern art painting, but we still appreciate lest we are considered “low-class”. “Thank you” is probably the easiest lie we tell everyday. The seven sacred marriage vows that are chanted in incoherent tones, an interview or appraisal discussion, a sales pitch, an advertisement, a romantic date, an astrological prediction – all contain elements of lying.

    Our social interactions will breakdown if we don’t lie. Heck, even the serpent lied to Adam and Eve which eventually laid the foundation of humanity as we know.

    So chill out, lie down, and let lying happen 🙂

    • Hi Raju,

      To lie is an integral part of our lifestyle. Its hurting but true.

      Thankyou for ur feedback. Completly agree with your point.

      M chill 🙂 but ‘at times’ such situations temporarily set me on fire mode.

      Thanks again

  6. Gud one….
    So I started exploring now :-)….. Thx to you.

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