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At the midnight hour, when it’s too dark

I am up at this hour, thinking deep and dark. There is no reason or meaning to this and believe me nothing romantic also. This is just an extraction of words, or the best way to define is ‘distraction using words’.

I am cuddled into shadows of my belongings which are almost – invisible, feeling suffocated and fatigue.  Life is good; it gives you a substance and battle field to win. You work hard and win hearts. You long for peace to get recharge. But also, life is uncertain. Just when you wish to close eyes and relax it pushes you deep into dark, enough to see your inner pain.

Hour after hour it turns out to be darker. My eyes are sinking to an unending depth, bearing some scary sounds that echo from my chest. I wish only to obtain some breeze, nothing else would dare to appeal. I have to see so many dreams and they are waiting for me, it seems. But am busy loosing the fight against dark, and becoming its denizen.

Here I am,  sitting useless in my bed, the power is gone :(. I am feeling flat and have nothing more to write. Hope when you read this you would be going to start a wonderful day. For I have heard miracles do happen, this is the evil one, that is happening to me tonight 😦

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