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Japan’s quake on the magnitude 9.0 !!

Friday (March 11 , 2011) no doubt would be the most unfortunate day in the history of Japan. The land where people are used to earthquakes was taken aback with the strongest ever felt earthquake with magnitude of 9.0 keeping the rest of world in the state of shock.

13 feet tall and few kilometers wide Tsunamis leads to more devastation. It is horrifying smashed infrastructure, ships, cars and people poured into the streets (or it seems everything is one big open place).  Fire had broken down at one of the nuclear power plant.

This is quite strange , meteorologists and seismologist gave no warning signs , so I  was searching world wide web such indications and found the list of earthquakes in last 7 days , and found they were all around east Coast of Honshu , Japan.

It’s a natural calamity and a state of nuclear emergency for Japan.

Heart goes out for all those in Japan. Man today – the most powerful species, but yet not The Supreme Power.  HE has some other plans and is furious. All we can do is pray THEE to have mercy and be nicer.

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