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Luxury expenses for an undismayed demon – Kasab

Surfing net, a news headline caught my attention ‘Rs 100 cr – cost of keeping Kasab alive’ and I was like… shocked for few moments. Is it true? Really … Indian govt.  paying so huge for a terrorist to keep alive ? ?

Two years back, night of Nov 26, 2008 after office,  in the coziness and secureness of my room I was busy chatting with friends on net and listening music. All of a sudden one of them gives a buzz, Mumbai – Hotel Taj under terror attacks, switch to news channel immediately. Blood rushed down from head to toe , soon all sites were flashing the same news, we (me and my friend group) praying for peace and safety for the city and our friends who had recently shifted there. Recalling that one of our good friend is working at Taj , we all were more worried , trying his cell phone countless times , which was incidentally switched off.

That was my experience and when it comes to Kasab , mercy doesn’t exist in my dictionary. Same would be the feelings of millions of Indians. Name Kasab or Afzal (prime accuse of Parliament attack 10 years ago).

Out of my anger I read the news on website stating the huge amount – (approx Rs 100 cr till the time  final verdict is out)  spent on Kasab for keeping him alive, secure in his cell and for the ongoing expenses of verdict.

Though verdict is out and as expected but it has to be confirmed by Supreme Court, and then will land on the President’s table for mercy waiting # 31. 30 cases are pending before him to be solved, keeping this in mind and efficiency of our system, the website  say the last action will be taken in 2018 !!!  :/

I am not accusing any government either be congress or BJP or anyone. It’s we who choose them.

Just a question, if you find any pest or mice in your house, you immediately put efforts to keep them out. India is our nation; keep it clean and safe. Don’t set examples and invitations for more attacks. We are tired of getting same excuses; there is no mercy for such so-called “humans”.

By God’s grace my friend was safe that night as he was having a day off. And spending 100 crore is waste of hard-earned money paid as taxes.

My verdict – Kasab should be killed by the most insane way ever known by human kind. How can one even think of entertaining such mercy petitions for justice? Choose one – Justice for an undismayed demon or Justice for peace-loving nation?

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