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How lately have you experienced the power of your DREAMS??

Will you put efforts to DECODE them???

How long does a dream stay in your memory?

Do you feel inspiration comes from within oneself??????

Here is my experience with one Recurring DREAM which makes me feel motivated and full of confidence because I dared to DECODE it!!!

At the end of a busy day, after running to reach the office or in the evening making way through city traffic to get back home to their loved ones, all a mortal yearns for is a peaceful sleep. And here, after a  long stressful day (I say them fight-full day, coz to me  life is a battlefield where everyone is fighting for their survival) when I lay back on my cozy bed , sometimes,  in those dark , lonely , frightful nights , I see few blur horrendous reflections, may be just  created by my mind.

I ignore.

Then they used to come every other night, keeping me awake for all those time. I turn left and I turn right, but to no avail, they were still there. They kept haunting me, and as usual left me helpless.

I just try to shut my eyes, but can feel that with passing time they were growing incredibly high and powerful.

I fear.

Are these horrendous reflections from my subconscious memory?

Did they really happen sometime in my past?

Were they just nightmares?

I ask.

One night I spent studying them, as somewhere in my heart I believed that they were here to tell me something. Something that was very important for my course of life. These were the signs that may showcase my inner fear/weakness or may lead to my goal or may be lucky enough to crack complexities of my inner gratification. (I am wandering with loads of questions like this.)

I think.

The more I think about them, study them and understand them, the more they turned nicer to me. They now appear like a song, rather, a beautiful song to me. I do remember the melody but can’t recall the words, next morning.

I act.

My horrendous turned beautiful dream was now decoded, and then it never get repeated, ‘coz I understood its meaning and the purpose.

I learn.

For me they can be best described in these words (cited:  googlereads),

“ I am a song ,

Lyrics and a melody.

I deserve music and words,

To tell me what I am worth.

I deserve campfires at night,

Like the stars shinning bright.

I deserve a song……

If only I could write one.”

PS : Never let your memories greater than your dreams , they will only scare you.

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