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Persistence Pays

I am often termed as being aggressive when it comes to my firm holding of belief, no matter how hard they try to convince me with their solution. I persist of being myself, simply rejecting anything which could hit me hard.

It’s rightly said ‘persistence pays’. ALWAYS.

I would not accept any statement just because majority of people believe in ‘such’ protocol. I will do what I wanted to (bluntly saying, beating my own drum). Results will come to me, eventually owing to my repeating and persistent efforts.

Hey wait, I just said “results will come to me”. The results can be anything positive or negative. It depends upon aim, purpose and the way I fight. If the combo sets right, I am the winner, hurray J(I have been the drum in melody). However if the combo has even the slightest of variation from what we call as “right” then it’s a tai tai phish(I have beaten the drum in an awful manner).

Considering me as a strong will powered human like a rock. There are two scenarios.

Scenario 1: A rock under ironsmith’s hammer.

Pretty obvious, I am fighting the wrong way and preparing myself well for a blast. On the other hand the tool placed on me will become sharper. Repeated hammering would produce a fracture in me (the rock) and me broken eventually.

Scenario 2: A rock at dhobi ghat.

Have you ever been to a dhobi ghat? Have you ever experienced to touch the washing stone? To much of your amuse it is smooth like a marble or glass, though absorbing the continuous friction from repeated hits of wet clothes. I (the rock) would have been outshining myself to the glory. Quite possible if the fight prolongs I may become granite one day 😉

Ironsmith’s hammer did not say the rock was to strong nor did the wet clothes. They continued to do what they wanted to. Hammer persistence fuelled with the right combo resulting in breaking the rock. On the other hand, the rock sticking itself to ground holding firm aim to be there, smoothen up, irrespective of the harshness of wet clothes.

So, yes, it is right persistence do pay but the bottom line is ‘the way you spend it’.

This is what I have learnt. Please excuse me of listing weird comparisons. The only thing I am left with is it to find “measures for the right combo”. Need help!!!!



PS: My aggressiveness have earned me a title ‘angry bird’ addressed with a broad smile just to cut down the effect J

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