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The CLASS and the mass – Be yourself

There is a huge difference between a Class and the mass just maintain it.’ This is my favorite quote which I use every now and then and truly follow it. Often we come across people just trying to be someone else, following the masses yet wish to hit fame and be unique.

Everyone wishes to by stylish, classy, and unique and tries everything to please others. The focus is either on their appearance, body language, or the thought processes. Irony is, to be so , they try to imitate others who are socially more popular.

A monster called ‘need of acceptance’ nearly kills the masses that expose their vulnerability just to get approvals. This need of acceptance makes them handover their personal power instead of harnessing it to make them stronger. Being afraid to expose their true selves, priority is shifted on the performance of outer presentation not the quality of their inner self. At the end the efforts put in may turn out to be very attractive but the output is not real and most important can’t be carried out always.

Very few dare to speak their mind. Individuality is always respected and adored but seldom implemented.

Saying our inner voice is displaying our unique style.

What’s wrong with that?

After all, the pain and efforts we took are just to establish us as unique!!!

Why to camouflage our own style with what the masses do, why do we spend our precious time worrying and copying others? Can’t it be very simple like this 3 step process?

Step 1 : Uncover our fear.

Step 2 : Read and understand our inner self.

Step 3: Present it as it is 

 I do understand there could be hesitation and no clarity of thoughts, but, tell me who could be the better person to read our souls than ourselves. The toughest thing to do is to understand what our mind says, there could be million errands running across. One needs to be precise and clear what effects oneself. The whole exercise is to find the passion within forgetting the outer side . One has to be enthusiastic for being an individual and have to be ruthlessly honest to self.

 Be yourself.

This has been said number of times by our grandparents, school teachers ….. . I am repeating the same, coz its gold. Believe yourself and be the class.

 ‘You were born as a unique being. If you try to be someone, the disguise will set awkwardly on you like an ill fitting dress. Everyone (The mass) will remember the dress more than they remember you.’

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